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Golden Age Jewelry


 With the advent of the  internet being a great way to reach new and potential clients, plus keep in touch with all of our returning clients, we at Golden Age Jewelry, in business since 1980,  have opened our new on-line jewelry store! We pride ourselves in the care and special attention we give to all of our customers.


  -Our Services Include:

  1) Custom Designs – Let our expert Jewelers help you design your next piece of jewelry

 2) Restorations and repair service – Our expert Jewelers and Watchmakers are on site ready to repair or restore your jewelry and watches.

 3) Diamonds

 4) Platinum

 5) Gold

 6) Silver

 7) All Gemstones

 8) Insurance Appraisals

 9) GIA Reports

10) Consignments and Liquidations – We are accredited agents able to represent both the seller and the buyer of fine jewelry items, watches, estate pieces and objects of art.


With over 40+ years of experience we are confident that we can offer you, our Client, the best quality and personal service for all of your jewelry needs. 


    -Why Use Us?

 1)  For consignments, all items are described in a detailed evaluation which includes a fair market value appraisal. – All items are backed by our company’s integrity and 40+ years of experience in the jewelry business.

 2) Our Goldsmiths and Jewelers can design and make jewelry to order.

 3)  All Jewelry and watch repairs are performed by our own expert jewelers.  In the case of consignments, our expert jewelers and watchmakers can address and resolve any issues with the item's owner or potential buyer.

 4)  We provide a confidential and insured marketplace for the seller of “on consignment” or “liquidation” items.

 5)  We offer competitive prices and commission rates for our high quality service. 

 6)  Our Customer Service is second to none!


Thank you for browsing Golden Age Jewelry.  We hope to hear from you soon!